So Mom it's time to say goodbye It's hard to do through the tears we cry

Such a history …...such a life As grandma as daughter as mommy as wife

We would like to believe it's not really the end that you've just gone to heaven to join your best friend

Daddy would welcome you and show you around While you get your barrings in your new heavenly town

But we don't believe in heaven nor really in hell We knew your thoughts on the subject “ACH CVUTCH” very well.

Such a humble women in your needs But so generously active in your deeds

Strong willed yet quite rational – always willing to help And if you got in trouble you would give a firm yelp....

To get what you want NOW – you're not one to wait long So fiercely independent - reliable and strong

Never complaining never giving advice Whatever decided - you thought it quite nice.

You loved our friends and family meetings Always with a smile and friendly almost-wordless greetings

We remember with love a great woman – so wise With few words it's true...but a sage in our eyes.

In the lives of your daughters you would not interfere You just always kept busy – with projects year after year.

Your hands always working or you thought you'd go crazy No one ever would say you were boring or lazy

Busy busy busy fingers while your tongue you would chew While you always found something of interest to do

Those knitting lap blankets you had always going Your delightful embroideries on many walls showing

Your booties on so many cute tiny feet Your surroundings in order – your place always neat.

Dragon collections – boxes with yarn Piles of materials – pants to fix – socks to darn

Your routine was sacred - you were addicted to time From your morning traditions to 10pm rose wine

And your graham cracker special with peanut butter and jam Oh you sure were a “yeki” - and so special...yes Mame

On the one hand quite nibby checking out a new joint I think looking for candy was really the point

We thought the chocolate and MacDonalds would cause an early demise As you kept downing corn chips and eating brownies and pies

But you ate so very little even eating junk food And doggie bag plastics were never thought rude

Every Friday at JC you'd get your soup and chicken for lunch And divide up for the week for your dinners to munch

Madison said your chocolate chip cookies always passed her test For me your blue cheese cottage spread was the best.

And the great tradition of coming to Sue To play solitaire all day long is what you would do

Well informed reading Newsweek Smithsonian AARP With classical music in the background or a documentary on TV

What did you love so...what made you so happy? Was to ride in a car with a map on your lappy

Your title...The Navigator – on vacations so far.. in your beloved trailer van or some beat up old car

Oh how happy you were just reading a map glancing out at the country side then again at your lap

Your winters in Texas were your great delight The driving vacations for Sue were just right

You loved to swim and play cards and just have us around And to work in your garden and dig in the goround

For Hila you were always a spirit so free But always there for “Pipele” if her need be.

She remembers your presence in her very young years And is very sad as this goodbye nears

And Lior was tickled with the ants you would feed But his interest was you feeding his hot chili need

David said you helped us dream Your fascinating life made his eyes gleam .

He was the one to make you write Your story just to set things right.

So mommy it's hard now to really let go But you will always be with us...wherever we go